Sales Process

Sale of real estate is always associated with a number of legal, technical and economic factors, thus preparation of the object for sale or rent is very important.

Verification of documents, existing prohibitions enshrined in the land book, power of attorney – if the seller acts on the basis of power of attorney, consent to the sale of third parties.

Determination of the real price suitable for market situations. Sometimes simple and not expensive, but effective methods can increase the value of real estate, by making a pre-sale preparation of the object.

Text and visual information play an important role in attracting potential buyers, we use various sources of advertising.
Collaboration with other real estate agencies for faster results, presentation literacy and negotiation with clients.

If necessary, assistance in obtaining a mortgage loan for purchase with the ability to get the best conditions for the buyer.

If necessary, opening account of the transaction – which will help to avoid risks in the process of sale and buying , and will provide the optimal settlement mechanism for both parties. Bank only transfers money after receiving documents confirming the fulfilment of the agreement.

Approval of Buying and Sale Agreement, terms of payment and handing over the keys.

Information on real estate buying and selling process:

  1. Preparation of information on the object (plans, photographs, video, acquaintance with the state of the documents, evaluation of the object, the legal analysis of the object).
  2. Presale preparation (if necessary).
  3. Preparation of textual and visual information about the object.
  4. Placement of information about the sale of the property in the database and other Internet resources on real estate.
  5. Search of potential customers and buyers.
  6. Demonstration and presentation of the object to the potential buyer.
  7. Negotiations with potential buyers.
  8. Coordination, approval and conclusion of a deposit agreement (if necessary).
  9. Assistance in obtaining and registration of a mortgage loan (if necessary).
  10. Certified object valuation (if necessary).
  11. Opening a transaction account in a bank or at a notary (if necessary).
  12. Coordination and conclusion of the Purchase and Sale Agreement contract of real estate.
  13. Signing the documents on buyers ownership of the property at the notary.
  14. Submission of documents for registration in the Land book Register.
  15. Preparation of an act of transfer and acceptance as part of a purchase and sale agreement and Signing real estate acceptance statement.
  16. Registration of service contracts for the new owner of real estate.

Required documents for submission to the Land Book Register:

  • Notarized application to the Land Book Register;
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement;
  • The consent of the spouse to sell real estate, if the property was acquired in marriage, or a confirmation that the real estate is the separate owned property of the seller;
  • Consent of a third party to the sale of real estate if the Land Book contains any encumbrances in favour of such a person;
  • If there is a “first hand” right from a City Council or self-government, then it is necessary to obtain a waiver document from this right;
  • Original power of attorney or its certified copy, if the seller or buyer signs documents on the basis of a power of attorney.

Additional documents for non-citizens or citizens of another state:

  • Obtaining permission from the City Council (when buying real estate, which includes land).